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Our Mission

As classic American muscle car enthusiasts our goal at is to provide the best place on the web to find any and all information about the Dodge Dart Swinger.  Despite being a 40+ year old car, there is still much demand for the Swinger particularly in the used/classic car market.  This includes restorations, parts and technical information.  Listed below is what you can expect to find on this website; as it pertains to the Dart Swinger

  • Model Year History
  • Specifications & Technical Data
  • Pictures, Images and Videos
  • Parts, Restoration and other Useful Links
  • Comprehensive Classifieds Section

To learn more about how we manage our Classifieds be sure to see our For Sale page.


Future Plans

For the initial lunch or “beta phase” of the goal was to data mine and aggregate all of the information available online for the Swinger trim.  This included developing a process for reposting and organizing classifieds ads from popular For Sale sites such as Craigslist, eBay,, Auto Trader Classics and more.

In the future we may add a forum for current and prospective Swinger owners to discuss Swinger facts and exchange tips. We might also be adding new and original content featured only on this site.  This could include a comprehensive Swinger restoration video walk through among other high quality media.

Let us know what else you might want to see by sending us a message on our Contact page.


Thank You For Visiting!

Have fun browsing through the site and be sure to contact us with any questions.  Should you see any incorrect information please send us a message.  We are still in the flushing out phase of the data and will be sure to correct any inaccuracies as soon as possible.  Also please contact us if you are the current owner of a Dodge Dart Swinger, as we would love to feature your ride here on this website.  Lastly be sure to support the site by leaving comments and sharing with your friends either through your own methods or via one of the social links at the top of the page.